Love Affair of Prayer - Where the Chase Becomes the Embrace of God EBook

Love Affair of Prayer - Where the Chase Becomes the Embrace of God EBook

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“There will never appear a ram in the bush until we have been the sacrifice tied to the altar.” drcpgivens

Dr. Givens shares that ‘the struggle was not to strangle but to strengthen and to sanctify.’ This book will help you overcome any opposition to your prayer life. Some signs your prayer life is being opposed:

■ It feels more like a duty than an adventure with God.

■ You think God will be angry with you if you do not pray.

■ You need to show others that you are a person of prayer

■ You do not believe you can pray

■ The deception of the adversary is speaking louder...

■ You believe you are unworthy to pray to God.....and more

You will find answers and strategies for positioning your heart in this workbook.

With Dr. Givens, the fire of God has left a passionate heart that glows and carries the heat of the fire of God while releasing the language of the Bride to the Bridegroom. Because of the sovereign purpose of God, Dr. Givens has been given the assignment, authority, and anointing to draw us closer to Him. The Love Affair of Prayer is part of her Kingdom mandate to:

Draw you closer to God and receive His affirmation, comfort, confirmation, insight, and a greater hunger for the presence of God.

Create the sacred space for total surrender to the Lord.