Daughters of God: The Sacred Art Collection – Series #2
Daughters of God: The Sacred Art Collection – Series #2
Daughters of God: The Sacred Art Collection – Series #2
Daughters of God: The Sacred Art Collection – Series #2

Daughters of God: The Sacred Art Collection – Series #2

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Embark on an inspirational journey with "Daughters of God: The Sacred Art Collection – Series #2," a compelling continuum that pays homage to the legacy of African-American women missionaries. These are the pillars of their communities, the bearers of hope, and the weavers of spiritual strength that have been instrumental in nurturing the faith across generations.

This second series of the collection deepens the exploration of sacred narratives, casting a light on the shared and personal histories of these devoted women. With each brushstroke, we have captured the essence of their commitment to God and community, creating a tapestry of artworks that resonate with courage, compassion, and unwavering faith.

Series #2 transcends the visual experience, touching the soul with a profound sense of connection to the divine legacy that these missionaries have crafted. Their portraits tell a story that is larger than life, where every detail unfolds into a testament of the remarkable resilience and nurturing power that African-American women hold and share through their work in the church and the broader world.

The collection is not merely a series of portraits but a source of motivation and inspiration. It serves as a vivid reminder of the dynamic and enduring legacy that these "Daughters of God" have established. Each artwork beckons you to partake in this legacy, to recognize the strength within your own narrative, and to continue the transformative work these pioneering women have so fervently pursued.

With "Daughters of God: The Sacred Art Collection – Series #2," we invite you to reflect on the profound influence of these spiritual leaders. Let the art fill your space and spirit with its powerful message, urging you to walk in their footsteps with the same zeal and conviction. This collection is designed to be a guiding light, an emblem of faith in action, and a call to live out your divine purpose.

As you bring these works into your home, know that you are embracing a living history, a current of divine inspiration that flows through the ages. "Daughters of God: The Sacred Art Collection – Series #2" is more than a tribute—it is a beacon that shines forth, urging African-American Christians to forge ahead with faith, to uplift with love, and to lead with the grace that has been passed down through the lineage of the "Daughters of God."

SIZE:  canvas panel is 24"x18", total 1 Panels.

PERFECT CANVAS ART: good idea for home interior walls decor such as living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, guest room, office and others.

EASY TO HANG: each panel of canvas prints already stretched on solid wooden frames, gallery wrapped, with hooks and accessories, ready to hang.

EASE OF MAINTENANCE: nice quality, HD prints on premium canvas, waterproof, UV resistant, fading resistant indoor.